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There are strong calls across the country to cancel Canada Day. Cancelling our national holiday, or more aptly turning it into a festival of shame where Canadians think about historical injustice rather than love of nation, is the natural culmination of the anti-Canadian, anti-white, decolonial ideology spread by the government, the universities, the media, the primary and secondary schools, the corporations, the banks, and even some churches.

Naheed Nenshi has said that fireworks will go ahead but there will be a moment of silence before they start. Everyone should go check that out and see the vile, poisonous, anti-Canadian rhetoric produced by our opponents. One tweet with likes celebrated a couple of thugs burning a Canadian flag. This is about every July 1st going forward. I guarantee you that every June from now on, there will be calls to not celebrate Canada Day. Cities will slowly scale down celebrations; some will phase them out for good.

Militant anti-Canadian groups like Idle No More and Black Lives Matter will disrupt celebrations or create their own events to ritualistically recite the sins committed by Canada.

The mainstream media will host panels where professors, activists, and prominent immigrants discuss whether celebrations are really warranted on July 1st. They introduce a bunch of experts who only slightly disagree with each other; some think Canada Day should be cancelled; others think it should remain only so Canadians can ponder all the terrible things we or our ancestors have done.

In fact, this anti-Canada Day sentiment is seeping into the general society. They will be selling orange cookies instead with the proceeds going to charity. Patriotic veterans celebrate Canada Day in the Township of Scugog. Only nominally a Canadian citizen, Lurie is an academic who is more interested in American history and politics than our own.

George Grant warned us of the danger of not resisting the cultural and economic influence of the United States in his Lament for a Nation, and clearly one of the results of not heeding his warnings is academics whose chief concern is with America.

Involuntary servitude of Africans in Canada was such a miniscule part of Canadian history that only Canadians obsessed with American racial politics would count this as a part of Canadian history worth mentioning at all. When it comes to the present, Lurie claims that the presence of black and aboriginal criminals in Canadian jails and the very reasonable and mild legislation banning Islamic regalia for public servants in Quebec are signs that Canada is a thoroughly racist and anti-Muslim country.

No fireworks. No flags. Perhaps then we might create a Canada worthy of our celebration. But perhaps worse than the overt radicalism of Shira Lurie and the bowing to this radicalism by the many Canadian cities who have cancelled Canada Day celebrations, is the pathetic apathy of many normal Canadians. I suppose for Chris Selley, whether he celebrates Canada Day or not is based on how well the government provides services to him.

Impressive as our suite of rights and freedoms might be, they are nothing less than all human beings should demand from their governments. Christopher Lasch aptly describes the complete lack of attachment to place and identity among the cosmopolitan professional classes in his book Revolt of the Elites :. Patriotism, certainly, does not rank very high in their hierarchy of virtues.

The new elites are at home only in transit, en route to a high-level conference, to the grand opening of a new franchise, to an international film festival, to an undiscovered resort. Why would anyone wear a poppy or wave a flag in a global bazaar? Being proud means you feel love for our homeland; a visceral attachment, a feeling of belonging, and a willingness to fight for it and contribute to it in your everyday life. In a lot of ways, some of them might feel let down by the Canadian government or institutions.

Sometimes I drive by a particular shabby old wooden house that looks like it has seen better days. Their proud display of the Canadian flag on the porch shows a nobility of spirit lacking in our cultural and political elites whether on the left or right who seem to feel that they are too sophisticated for patriotism. Throughout my life I have visited a particular valley in the British Columbia interior.

The farmers and ranchers are by and large proud to be Canadian and often display the flag year-round, even if by the sweat of the brow they barely get by. All patriots who are attached to the true unique culture of our country, which is Anglo-Protestant, French-Catholic, and more broadly European Canadian, are invited to celebrate. Whether you are old stock English or French, a descendant of Ukrainian or Polish prairie settlers, aboriginal, or a more recent immigrant who is nonetheless proud of the True North Strong and Free, you are invited!

Roll into store parking lots with two full-sized flags on your truck, organize a convoy around your town with a few buddies, boat around the lake with a huge flag, sing Oh Canada, and have a good time. This simple joy in place and identity and culture might seem silly to the more intellectual types in the EuroCanadian movement, but it is exactly this type of pride that the globalist elite is trying to crush. It is one of the few things that really threaten them.

Break free from the globalist machine seeking to abolish our pride and install a New World Order without nations or borders! Total Foreign Nationals entering Canada through both legal immigration programs and through illegal border crossing into Canada : over 1. So far in , the following number of foreign nationals who have settled in Canada is:. That’s a total of , illegals, most of whom are now fake “refugee” claimants. So far in , the following number have already entered Canada :.

This number increases every year, and so far in , this totals. Number of Year Visa Recipients. This immigration category was created by former Conservative Immigration Minister Jason Kenney as a way of appeasing ethnic groups Sikhs and Chinese especially who wanted to bring relatives particularly parents and grandparents to Canada, supposedly to perform household duties such as babysitting.

The Visitor Visa program was invented to prevent parents and grandparents from becoming permanent residents and eventually permanent burdens on Canada. The program allows parents and grandparents of immigrants to stay in Canada temporarily up to 10 years.

According to Vancouver Sun columnist, Douglas Todd, in the first 3 years of this program, more than 3 million Year Visitor Visas were granted. According to recent reports, labour contractors in ethnic groups are using the huge pool of Year Visa Recipients as a pool of cheap labour.

Undoubtedly, these Visa Recipients are taking jobs that Canadians should get. Assuming a rate of 25, new Year Visitor Visas being issued per year, the total number of Year Visa recipients issued since is:. Number of Temporary Foreign Workers. So far in , this totals:. So far, in , the remittance total is:. So far in , the following number have been referred to the IRB:. The International Mobility Program admitted about 70, guest workers to Canada in But by , Canada was accepting more than , in this category, which is typically made up of younger foreigners on two-year visas.

The International Mobility Program is a second Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and according to two Canadian economists, most Canadians are unaware of this program and employers are widely abusing it.

Rex Murphy : The choking of our energy industry is to the detriment of both Canada and the world. Russians fleeing military mobilization blocked by Canadian immigration delays. Immigration and identity shape election in French-speaking Quebec. China involved in persuading Canadians not to vote Conservative in federal election. Canada caps Afghan resettlement.

Canada criticized for welcoming rich tied to Iranian regime. The arrival of thousands of low wage Asian labourers caused the September vancouver-riot. New Canadians now swear allegiance to King Charles in oath of citizenship. Canadians told to self-flagellate despite lack of evidence of tragedy at residential schools.

Lessons from the bitter end : What General Pyotor wrangel means for Americans today What really happened in Russia from on. Gavin Mcinnes Proud Boys arrested during live broadcast. Why more Indians are moving to Canada. Canada is being demolished, One Step at a time. Why do politicians ignore the cause?

How a single company silently took over the world of visa processing in an age of record migration. The swindlers list : Scams newcomers in Canada should watch out for. One year later, there is still no evidence of unmarked graves or missing children at former residential schools. Trudeau and Putin are war criminals. Douglas Todd : Time for housing action. Canada increases permanent residence and other filing fees. Quebec university denounced for excluding white men in Job posting. Canada bans foreign home buyers for two years.

Surrey church arsonist sentenced to four years in prison. India tops list of visa recipients. Canada took , immigrants in ! Canada welcomed , new international students in , an all time-record.

Young immigrants may leave Canada due to high cost of living, Leger survey. Slow integration in Quebec : An immigrant perspective. White men earn as much as one tenth less than minorities : Statscan.

Canada landed Not one body has been found at indigenous unmarked mass grave in Kamloops. Why many African students are fleeing Ukraine. Rex Murphy : Claiming the trucker protest was an attempted government coup is beyond ridiculous.

Immigration Canada acts to end racism, cultural bias among-employees. Millions in foreign funds spent in federal election to defeat Harper, government report alleges. Canada police to distribute names of trucker protesters to financial institutions.

Canadians have had enough of government fear mongering about Covid. Our system is setting immigrants and Canadians up for failure. Quebec Muslim leaders call for federal handgun ban in letters to Legault Trudeau.



in Canada – Wikipedia.Canada’s Taking It Slow On Reopening Its Border To Travelers From The U.S. Here’s Why : NPR


Woman sexually assaulted by Jacob Hoggard says her life was ‘shattered beyond recognition’. NCC’s Fall Rhapsody in full swing. Driverless grocery delivery trucks now in Toronto. Meet the world’s tallest living domestic cat from Michigan. Alberta man grows giant 2,lb pumpkin. Alec Baldwin settles with family of killed cinematographer. Which sponsors have pulled support for Hockey Canada?

Higher interest rates needed, signs of economic slowdown not enough, says Macklem. NDP pushing feds to tackle rising grocery costs, ‘greedflation’. Former cop attacks Thai day care centre, kills at least Most-Watched false. Decisions like that do not surprise Stall, though the policies that drive them merit reexamination, he believes. In Canada, there’s a sense that “we’re all in this together,” he says. However, many Canadians who have been vaccinated the longest are older adults like his own patients.

And, he warns, “We may be depriving them of limited remaining life moments, to have them wait for everyone else to have the opportunity to be vaccinated before we reopen settings to them based on vaccination status. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

NPR Shop. Here’s Why Canadians can fly to the U. The mysterious case of a young family that made its way from an unassuming village in Gujarat, India, to the bitter reaches of Manitoba, half a world away, has shocked Canadians and Indians alike, exposing the intense pressures and economic anxieties that may have led to tragedy.

Officials have said they believe the family’s deaths to be a case of human smuggling, and authorities in the US and Canada are still trying to determine how the Patels reached Emerson and who may have led them there, ultimately to their deaths.

The village of Dingucha in western India is about as far as you can get – in distance and in feeling – from icy Manitoba. Some 12,km away from Emerson, the town is home to about 3, residents, mostly middle-class agricultural workers and labourers in the province of Gujarat.

There, the Patels lived in a neat two-storey home with a rooftop balcony and a large welcome sign painted over the door. Their home sits snug among a line of row houses – concrete buildings painted yellow, pink and white.

Some residents apparently knew of the Patels’ plans to travel, telling the BBC’s Gujarati service that they went to Canada on visitor’s visas. Relatives grew concerned when messages from the family stopped coming, about a week after they had left, they said. On or about 12 January, the Patel’s arrived in Canada on a flight to Toronto before traveling 2,km 1, miles west to Manitoba. Police have not determined how they got to Emerson – by land or sky – though there is no record of them boarding a domestic flight.

The drive would have been long – 22 hours on the Trans-Canada Highway. They would have snaked along the Canada-US border, weaving past the frozen lakes of southern Ontario before reaching the flat expanse of the prairies, where wind carries snow through the air like smoke. By 18 January they arrived in Emerson, adding four to its population of The town has one pharmacy, one grocery store, one school. The houses are modest single-storey homes with single-car garages and large yards.

Residents call it a retirement town – a pleasant place to live, with not much to do. If the Patels had stayed at one of Emerson’s two borderside motels, they would have looked straight out at the US – North Dakota to the right, Minnesota to the left.

From here, at Manitoba’s southern edge, it can be hard to distinguish the white plane of frozen fields from the snowy sky. Across the East Coast, emotions about the way climate change is altering life can be heard, as residents rebuild their homes after Fiona and cope with weeks without power, and political leaders are asked how they’ll prepare the coastlines and power grids to meet the next gale.

Despite vowing to declare a new leader by 7 p. Thursday, the UCP now says results will be delayed. Albertans will learn today who the new premier of the province will be. The mail-in ballots are in and the doors were open other party members seeking to vote in-person, but this evening, the UCP and Alberta will have a new leader. Hockey Manitoba is joining the chorus of voices calling for change to the leadership at Hockey Canada.

The union that represents thousands of City of Winnipeg workers have set a strike deadline for next week. British Columbia’s ombudsperson is investigating how provincial government programs supported residents forced from their homes and communities during wildfires and floods last year. Hy’s Steakhouse on Hornby Street has been serving its signature steaks, seafood, cheese toast, and cocktails in the city’s financial district since the early sixties.

The Edmonton Police Service has apologized for releasing a composite sketch of a Black man in an attempt to solve a sexual assault. On Thursday, the head of the EPS sexual assault division acknowleged the criticism and apologized for releasing the image. The Edmonton Oilers announced on Thursday that they have released Jake Virtanen from his professional tryout agreement. Skip to main content. This is what’s open and closed on Canada Day Markville Mall 11 a.

Outdoor swimming pools Ontario Science Centre 10 a. Art Gallery of Ontario a. The U. But the Biden administration is beginning to make plans for a phased reopening. The main requirement would be that nearly all foreign visitors to the U. Garnet Health, an Essex, Vermont-based company that offers same-day COVID testing, has seen the number of tests it performs more than triple in recent weeks.


Canada day 2021 how old is canada border movie –

It’s everything. And so, another bit of contention here. Admission is free Canada Aviation and Space Museum open 9 a.

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